Friday, 4 November 2011

Cool Baby Toys!

I love toys! I was secretly disappointed that Hunter was born without an instant love of and ability to play with toys... But now he is a little older, we have mad toy time! We don't have epic amounts of toys but I cycle what toys we do have around. Each time he plays with them he has a more sophisticated encounter with the toy- it makes my jaw drop to watch as he goes from looking at it, to flailing in its general direction and recoiling in shock to have connected with it, to touching and trying to grasp it, to grabbing it but not keeping it in his warm little mit for long, to trying to keep a hold of it long enought to put it in his mouth, to actually making it rattle...

This Spooky Girl was a gift from a dear friend. Hunter thinks she has nice stems.
It won't be long until Hunter is able to sit up, and play with more complex toys. Until then, I will amuse myself by searching the web for super adorable toys:

BabyRoo sell this sweet Crazy Wolf Playset

Baby's Got Style sell this cool soft globe- science and style! What a combo!

Urban Baby stock these beautiful sound blocks

Fred and Friends distribute these awesome wooden blocks- maybe a little too sophisticated for a 3MO, but still very pleasing to look at... Also, WTF is the little girl doing writing FAIL on her blocks? Its a little to early for cynicism, isnt it??

Unique Kids sell this beautiful wooden toy/teether, it twists into all different shapes. So lush!

Bubs Baby Store in Fortitude Valley stock these rattles (not in a pack as shown above, but separately). I bought Hunter three, and they are his number one favourite toy! My beautiful cousin Katrina brought her gorgeous 7MO Josie over for play date time and Josie was also super keen to play with them. Popular with the bros and the babes, these rattles would make a cheap and cheerful christmas gift for a wee one...

These cute Lamaze brand robots are available at a myriad of stores, including Big W

What list of infant toys would be complete without the adorable SOPHIE!! Read her distinguished history here. As a side note, don't open the package with dogs around. Sophie has a cheerful squeaking noise which makes the puppies wanna play!

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