Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Minutes: Podcasts Rule

You hate housework. Its true.  Don't deny it. It takes ages, and just as you think you've finished you discover some other obscure chore that needs your attention. Well, I too feel your pain, and have developed a system of housework that is no pain, all gain.

Patience from The Grates and Comedian Mel Buttle have a new podcast called The Minutes. These Aussie ladies bring wit and panache to the podcast platform, and will regale you with their quirky tales from deep in the belly of suburban dystopia.

At about an hour long these podcasts are the perfect companion for me as I tidy the house, or fold a weeks worth of laundry, and unlike the task at hand bring me loads of laughs. I hearitly recommend you give them a listen- perhaps they too will bring cheer to your afternoons spent washing windows, cleaning lint filters or alphabeticalising the tins in your pantry.

Or search “The Minutes with Mel and Patience” in itunes

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