Saturday, 5 November 2011

Opp Shop, Charity Store, Thrift Shop, Second Hand Brisbane

"Art as a profession anymore is losing its soul.  I mean, we don't walk into the Goodwill store with millions of dollars and celebrate the fact we can buy the whole store.  The powerful moment comes when you find a rare treasure that you can just barely afford and make it your own.  That's what I want my art to be like."
- Kurt Cobain
I grew up a child of the nineties. I watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; read Baby Sitter Club books; prayed for a gameboy for Christmas; played with those matchbox cars that had a bonnet that flipped into a car wreck; rode my bmx around the streets until the street lights came on; opp shopped for that perfect flannel shirt or slip; wore my jeans stonewashed and ripped; cried inconsolably for the death of Kurt Cobain.

Actually, I've spent more than half my life crying for Kurt, and Courtney, and Frances. Especially Frances, now that I have a baby of my own I often think about her and wonder. I hope she's happy and understands why lots of people love her Daddy too.

One of the things I love(d) about Kurt, and grunge, was the come as you are ethos. And how cool all those vintage dresses looked teamed with ass kicking boots and kids barrettes. I still dress like this. There is nothing like looking in your wardrobe and knowing no one else has a dress quite like the one you have, and remembering the thrill of finding it in the first place. And that doesnt just apply to finding clothes for yourself- you can also score sensational baby gear second hand. Lots of Hunters clothes have been bought second hand, and after a wash they are no different to the clothes I bought for him new- except that I have enough change in my wallet afterwards to spoil myself too.

If you are in Brisbane and like a good treasure hunt, one of my besties (Popsikill) has a SENSATIONAL list of all of Brisbane's Opp Shops. Find your closest opportunity for vintage delight here. While you're at it, follow her blog- she posts pure radness.

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