Thursday, 3 November 2011

An Introduction to Solid Food

Q. What is cuter that seeing a little bub's face after their first mouthful of solid food? 

A. Nothing. 

OK, Baby Panda's are pretty rad, but first taste of solids is up there. Lets say, in the Top Ten cute things.

Baby Panda's are pretty fricken cute.

When Hunter turned 4 months old we started him on solids. We eased in with 1 tsp of rice cereal mixed with 90ml of made up room temperature formula. I chose Bellamy's Organic Rice Cereal as it is an Australian company, and I like to keep jobs in Australia.

I fed him with a spoon designed specifically for 4 months and up, which I still felt was too big for his wee little mouth. I've since moved on to feeding him a runny rice cereal solution in a bottle with a split teat because it is way less messy, however I have literally just read about Early Childhood Caries (AKA Tooth Decay) being caused by the inappropriate use of bottles. "The American Dental Association recommends juice be given to an infant with a cup rather than a bottle. This decreases the risk of both baby bottle tooth decay and overfeeding. Baby bottle tooth decay, also known as nursing bottle mouth syndrome, is a disorder of extreme dental decay of the upper teeth, caused by infants or toddlers falling asleep while sucking a bottle filled with juice, milk, or any other fermentable liquid." via I'm not currently feeding him juice as such, but I have mixed puree apple with rice cereal and water and fed him this via split teat bottle...

Looks like I'm on the lookout for a new feeding spoon... And I think I know exactly which one I want to try, check out the radness that is the Boon Feeding Spoon.

Boon Feeding Spoon, you will be mine. Oh yes. You will be mine.

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