Monday, 31 October 2011

Cool Baby Socks For Infants and Toddlers

Hunter wears Dymples bib in orange (pack of 10 assorted colours) from Big W; Bonds Singlet Suit from Big W; Tippy Toes 'Outer Space' Sock Set (pack of 6 assorted designs) from Peter's of Kensington

No Nintendo cartridges were harmed during the making of these happy snaps.

I have a confession to make. I'm a sock junkie, obsessed with searching for great pairs of socks that complete Hunter's little outfits. A brightly coloured sock, a cute pattern, some cheeky embroidery- thats the fix I'm after. 
In my hunt I have discovered a few brilliant ones that I'm delighted to share with you- please share links below if you know of more excellent baby socks because, like a true addict, I always need another fix. I'm not proud. I'm not done yet neither...

How cute are these? They make me think of Dr Seuss.
Cheeritoe Toddler Socks by Trumpette
Wingtips! Cowboy Boots! Cons! Does it get any better than this?
Jazzy Toes Variety Pack by Jazzy Toes

A knee high sock - looks like pure fun! 
I-Play Organic Cotton Boot Socks - Boys Stripe at Toys R Us

Dad Rocks. Its true. He does.  Via Darkside Clothing

A three pack of rock'n rad.
Red Rockers Sock 3 Pack by Sourpuss Clothing

These remind me of the stickers you get with Guitar Hero games.... 
Rockstar Socks by Me In Mind

These were the socks Rob Zombie wore as a baby, and he turned out alright.
Green and Black Striped Socks by Sourpuss Clothing

High Kickin'
Sandi D


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