Monday, 14 November 2011

Harajuku Mini- Gwen Stefani for Target

An open letter to Target.

Dear Target,

Please bring the Gwen Stefani designed Harajuku Mini range to Australia as soon as possible. Us Aussies miss out on all the cool swag- sure you keep giving us Stella McCartney, but as you have probably begun to realise by how much of that stock is relegated to the discount table, we don't care about Stella McCartney and her anally retentive style. If we wanted to look bland we would shop at KMart or BigW.

We want smart, funky street fashion for ourselves, and we definitely want it for our kids too. With the low price tags of $3.99- $29.99 I'm sure they would fly off the racks- our dollar is so strong here you probably wouldn't even need to print new price tags, you could just send over the American stock you already have set aside for the Christmas top up.

I doubt I need to point out to you that America is in a massive recession with huge unemployment rates and people occupying town centres across the nation in protest over the unfair distribution of wealth. These things point to what is potentially a dismal year for retail profits, and yet the Harajuku Mini range looks set to sell out in many Target USA stores on its first day, which surely means that people are going without power or food or selling body parts to get the cashola needed to dress their kids in the adorable majesty of this range.

The Australian Government has managed to salvage the Australian economy so we aren't in quite as bad shape as the US, which I also guess means that we Aussies have more money to spend decking ourselves in feel good garb- Global Financial Crisis be damned. Please allow us the opportunity to throw our cash in your direction by stocking this range here- perhaps the ultra creative Ms Stefani would relish the opportunity to design a summer range for us Southern Hemispherians?

Anyways, I look forward to you receiving this letter, and sending me a response that affirms your position as Australia's top low-to-middle-price-range-but-pretty-decent-and-in-fact-often-cool retailer.

Kind regards,
Sandi D

"I’ve always wanted to do a cool children’s fashion line inspired by the super cute and playful kids’ clothing you find in Japan. The whole idea is about being creative, expressing your own individuality, and having fun getting dressed.”
- Gwen Stefani on her Mini Harajuku range for Target

Because I think that gorgeous girls clothes are found simply by opening ones eyes (Seriously! There is a myriad of adorable options for little girls, but basically nothing but basics - and ugly basics at that - for boys #firstworldproblems) and boys need some attention too, here are my top three picks of the boys swag from Ms Stefani's first (but hopefully not last) range for Target.

Toddler Boys Plaid Pant - Red

Infant Boys Mini Biker Jacket

Boys Long Sleeve Tee - Grey

My super rad Instagram friends from the USA assure me that in addition to what is shown on the web there are little accessories too- to cutest socks and belts, bags and hats etc... EBay please dont fail me now...

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