Saturday, 5 November 2011

Cool Podcasts: Geeking Out

Let me start this off by confessing that I love computer games.

And then, let me clarify the above by saying, I love to watch other people playing them, but personally suck at playing them myself. I redeem this failure as I also love hearing people talk about games- the graphics, the game play, the voice acting, the storylines. This suits my husband just fine as he is a mad gamer- which is also why, every Thursday night, my husband and I have a date with Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw.

Yahtzee doesnt know it, but every Thursday we watch his video game review series called Zero Punctuation (published by the online magazine The Escapist), and laugh our heads off. He swears, is crude, talks fast with a UK accent, can often be spotted in Fortitude Valley swanning about with a trail of fan boys and girls fainting in his wake, and above all loves his games (I made up that bit about swanning around Pied Piperesque. The followers could just be meth heads- the Valley is a seedy cesspool in which insane people throw up and then shit Mr Whippy softserve style in the vomit... TRUE STORY).

Commentary on the state of the entertainment precinct aside, here are two of my favourite Zero Punctuations:

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

and The Sims 3

Pixels and Powerups,
Sandi D

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