Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Muppets + OPI = Winning!

Brightly coloured nails are so much fun! As you can see, I adore OPI nail lacquer, they have so many adorably named colours to chose from and seem to last longer than most normal polishes. I also feel that there is something uplifting about having cheerful nails which goes beyond the fifteen minutes of not being able to do anything while you paint and dry the polish. I mean, a quarter of an hour to just sit and daydream is pretty special, but coming away from that time with the added benefit of fun nails is really #WINNING.

I especially love how OPI does movie mash ups. I loved 'Mermaid Tears' (lightest sea green) and 'Planks Alot' (Lilac) from the Pirates of the Caribbean mash up, and now OPI have teamed up with Disney to bring us The Muppets range I can't stop dreaming about trying on 'The Rainbow Connection' (Multi-coloured glitter).

For those of you that want to surround yourself in Muppet love, check out these sweet Muppet renditions of classic fairytales by David Peterson.

Kermit the Frog and Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie performing Life's A Happy Song - the opening song from The Muppets!

Still can't get enough? Try making your own Muppet- FAO Schwarz has a WhatNot Workshop!!,

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  1. Just bought this for my little niece! David Jones is selling an OPI Muppets gift pack for Xmas right now :D


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