Saturday, 29 October 2011

Unsolicited Baby Rearing Advice

I've discovered that a blanket or a soft toy can be used to prop a bottle up for a feeding bub (obviously this must be done under close supervision). It leaves your hands free to do other neat stuff, like laundry, cooking, sweeping etc.

I never set time aside to fold and hang Hunters laundry. I simply just pile it up by the drawers in his room and wait until his night time feed. At his night time feed I step over the chaos of laundry, dress Hunter in his PJ's and sleepbag, pop him in his cot, prop up his bottle with his crocodile, and use this time to do the putting away- it's not interesting but its better than leaning over a cot with a dead arm and wishing time could speed up, and its definately more productive than playing Tiny Tower on my iPhone. And, oh yeah, it gives me an extra 25 minutes in the day to do something I'd rather do. By the time I'm done, Hunter is asleep, the bottle has fallen out of his mouth and I just remove bottle and crocodile, turn on the monitor and walk out of a beautifully tidy room...

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