Saturday, 29 October 2011

Eco Baby Outfits: Environmentally Responsible Infant and Toddler Clothes: Bamboo, Hemp, Hippie, Organic Baby Gifts

Hunter's first smile

Hunter had a small case of baby acne, but that didn't stop him from smiling! I was holding him on my lap and smiling at him, when he smiled back. At first I thought it was gas, but after burping him he still kept smiling. We found Daddy and basically filled the house to brimming with smiles- its lucky that smiles dont use up oxygen or else we would have asphyxiated, our lifeless bodies would have been found holding each other with pale blue lips forever frozen smiling. Happily, smiles fill one with life! What else could I do, but grab my camera and capture the majesty on film...

The thing about these smiles is that I want them to last. I want Hunter be able to enjoy the beauty of our planet, to breathe fresh air and taste delicious fresh local produce for as long as he lives. With movies such as An Inconvinient Truth growing cultural awareness regarding the devestating effect unchecked industrialisation can have on our natural resources, and moves by governments to implement policies to address the carbon emissions of their economies and thus contribute to global efforts to mitigate climate change, it is begining to look like green is the new black. With this in mind, I try to dress Hunter in clothes that are made from sustainable crops such as hemp and bamboo, and manufactured in ways that support my local economy.

In the picture above Hunter is wearing newborn layette from PureBaby. PureBaby is an Aussie company, and their infant and child clothes are 100% Certified Organic Cotton, very soft and easy to get on or off- the Newborn Hospital Pack would make a great gift for a new global citizen...

Here a few more Aussie organic resources you might like:
EcoChild stock Scout organic cotton T's for babies.
Gaia are an Aussie company that make gorgeous classic baby wear out of organic cotton.
Organic Babe stock some cute organic cotton and bamboo tops by Nooshie.

Babyjo make soft kimono style onesies, we were given one for Hunter as a baby shower gift and it was the perfect weight fabric for spring- warm but not too warm, and oh so soft!

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