Friday, 4 November 2011

DIY: Summer Clothes From Your Babies Winter Wardrobe

Hunter is racing through the infant sizes, setting speed records for quickest growth spurts known to mankind. When he came home his 0000 singlet was worn like a dress, and now he is delightfully porky in 00 size clothes! Wowsers!

While this is lovely it also leaves me with a problem- a lot of the baby clothes we were given at our baby shower, and have had handed down to us, are winter clothes. And its summer in Brisbane, which means 26ºC (78ºF) at night and greater temperatures during the day. Obviously winter clothes are akin to child abuse in these conditions. Something must be done- someone needs to call Spiderman Super DIYwoman!

How To Make Summer Clothes From 
Your Babies Winter Wardrobe

You will need
A winter onesie that fits your bub.
A summer onesie that fits your bub.
A Steam Iron and Ironing Board.
Regular Nylon Thread to match the colour of your winter onesie.
Straight/standard sewing pins.
A sewing machine fitted with a regular sized needle.

  1. Select your winter onesie- pick one with simple hems (unless you are a talented seamstress, in which case, why are you reading this basic how to guide?). Cut the sleeve (or leg) off with at least two inches of armpit/inner arm/sleeve seam left (I'm measuring from the shortest part of the sleeve- armpit to inner wrist. Do not measure from the shoulder! If cutting pants, measure from the crotch). 
    Hint: Grab a summer shirt or short sleeve onesie that fits and use this as a guide.
  2. Using a steam iron on medium setting, iron your new hem into the sleeve by folding over one quarter inch of fabric around the sleeve. Start with a small section of the fabric and turn over about 1/2cm or ¼". Now fold over again another 1½cm or ½". Pin this in place, and continue to pin until you have pinned the entire hem.
  3. Now check and make sure that the hem is straight, with no bulky sections or gathers. If there are, just rework that section of the fabric until it is more even. Unpin, redo your folding and ironing, and re-pin.
    Hint: Fold your onesie so that you can compare left and right sleeves- they should be identical
  4. Set the sewing machine to a basic straight stitch and thread the machine with thread that blends with (or contrasts if you like to get a bit crazy!) the fabric of the onesie you are hemming.
    Hint: Remove the extension arm/table of your sewing machine to give yourself more room.
  5. The fabric should be wrong side up, with the pinned hem closest to you. A side seam is usually the best place to start a hem, as you will need to start your hem off with a bit of back stitching to secure the thread and ensure it doesn't simply unravel. 
  6. Line your onesie hem up to 3/8 of an inch line on the needle plate of your machine. This is the size hem you will be sewing into your garment, so always try and keep your sewing on this line.
  7. Sew a straight 3/8 inch hem around your shirt sleeve, being careful to not stretch out the fabric. Back stitch the final section of hem, tie a knot in your thread, and you're done. Iron your new summer onesie (and admire your handiwork)!

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