Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dad's Are The Original Hipsters

Have you heard? Dad's are the original Hipsters. And its true. they are.

Your dad dated women out of his league before you did and nobody understands how he scored your mom to prove it. He was a silver tongued seducer that masked his “unique” looks with a comedic wit and smooth charm. Dime piece’s knees wobbled at his thought and men feared for their relationships while he was around. He was an anomaly of attraction that could only be comprehended by being in his presence. 
So hipsters, next time you’ve got your arm around someone beautiful who has been PBR-brainwashed into thinking that your dirt stache and emaciated body is the epitome of being attractive, remember this…
Your dad didn’t need liquor-lazied standards to bring the fittest of females home. 
 Hilarious and oh so good, Dad's Are The Original Hipsters is a tumblr well worth having a look at- see if you can find the bio's on these sweet boys in the summer of their youth:

Beards and raglan cut T-shirts,
Sandi D

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